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Business protection is not just the insurance for buildings, equipment and public liability, it also life insurance for the important people in your business. That may include yourself as a Director or partner, or it may be one or more of your essential members of staff (key person).

Why have life insurance for your key staff or Directors? What can go wrong?

We all insure our cars, our possessions, our business premises etc but how many consider the impact on the business if a key person were to die or suffer a critical illness such as cancer or a heart attack?

Need advice?

We can offer advice and the relevant life and/or critical illness policies to cover all aspects of business life insurance :

  • Director Share Protection
  • Partnership Protection
  • Keyperson Protection
  • Shareholder Protection

Legal & General carried out research in July 2005. They telephone interviewed 315 senior managers of businesses with a turnover of over £50,000. They found that:

  • Approx 70% of companies don't have key person cover.
  • 100% felt that they had at least one key person in their company whose death or serious illness would impact on company profit.
  • Over 50% of companies could close within one year of the death or serious illness of a key person.
  • 76% of companies have two or more key persons within their business.

Few of the businesses consider Key Person, Directors share protection and Partner Share protection as an important type of business protection insurance cover.

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